Dental Removal

As an oral surgeon, Dr. Salib specializes in dental removal and tooth extraction care, ensuring that your tooth extraction will be pain free. Your tooth extraction healing time will vary depending on how much infection is currently present. However, Dr. Salib’s minimally invasive approach will ensure a speedy and comfortable recovery for your dental extraction. Our friendly staff at Pacific Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Studio will go over tooth extraction aftercare instructions to ensure you do NOT develop a dry socket or tooth extraction infection.

Common Dental Removal Reasons

There are many reasons and conditions that may lead to a dental removal of a tooth. These may include:

  • Most commonly, there is dental decay that render the tooth beyond repair.
  • Occasionally, the dental infection may lead to a tooth abscess and become a dental emergency. Dental emergency symptoms may include pain, swelling, and even a funny taste from infection.
  • Tooth extraction on a broken tooth is not uncommon.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may need to have a tooth extraction or tooth removal.

Additionally, tooth removal for braces may require multiple teeth removal if crowding is severe. Dr. Salib is a board certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon who specializes in procedures such as a tooth extraction and teeth surgery. We will work closely with your Orthodontist to determine your specialized dental care needs.

Many patients often ask about a tooth extraction cost. Dr. Salib’s staff will kindly assist you to maximize your insurance benefits and will work with you to help facilitate your needs. We also offer sedation dentistry including IV Sedation and general anesthesia to ensure your comfort. If you are considering implants as for your teeth replacement, Dr. Salib can conveniently perform a bone graft at the same visit to save you time. Dentistry implants are a great way to replace your tooth with an implant.

If you are in need of a dental removal of a tooth or experiencing a dental emergency, we invite you to call our office and come for a tooth removal consultation. Our friendly staff at Pacific Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Studio will gladly assist you. We are conveniently located in Mission Viejo on the Mission Medical Center campus. Your tooth extraction needs will be met by our oral surgery office proudly serving patients throughout the United States and Internationally.

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