Eco Dentistry in Orange County, California

At Pacific Oral & Dental Implant Studio, we believe that “Green” is more than just a color. Green is an obligation to practice eco dentistry for our patients and our community — both local and global.

We are very proud to be an industry leader in the delivery of Green Healthcare. Since our inception, we have taken steps to ensure a minimal carbon footprint and even try to reverse our total carbon footprint whenever possible. We’ve gone beyond the standard practices of low-wattage fluorescent lights and low-flow toilets at our office in Mission Viejo, CA, to truly make a significant difference. Our suite was specifically designed and constructed using recyclable and eco-friendly materials whenever possible.

We continue today to practice our green dentistry ethos. Specifically, our steps include:

  • Use of post-consumer recyclable materials and quartz use in place of new building materials and granite. Quartz is a common waste product of other mining industries- here it used to fabricate our countertop, negating the need to mine for granite and causing more environmental harm.
  • On-site, energy-efficient laundry facility to reduce waste
  • Bio-hazard disposal policies to ensure toxic chemicals (such as mercury) don’t pollute our environment
  • Complete Digital Radiographs- Our system not only exposes you to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays, it also ensures that toxic radiograph fixative and developing chemicals are never used.
  • Paperless records to reduce paper consumption and waste
  • Our steam-based surgical grade instrument sterilization- contains no harsh chemicals and cuts down on water use.

Lastly, as part of our commitment to the Orange County community at large, we at Pacific Oral & Dental Implant Studio have instituted our Root for Root Campaign. We pledge to plant a tree on behalf of every patient for each tooth we remove in conjunction with our friends at “Trees for the Future.” This literally amounts to a new forest being planted every year!

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