What is the Origin of Dental Implant History?

Dental implant history is somewhat of a disputed topic because there isn’t a very clear indication of when the practice began.  One of the reasons is because there are so many different kinds of dental implant procedures.  To make things more complicated, many of these procedures may involved similar names, and some oral surgeons may refer to them by different names.

Different Words Similar Meanings

Dental implants have been referred to as simply implants, and such terms as a tooth implant, and oral implants in some cases.   It may sound confusing when reading or hearing these different terms.  In some cases, dentures and implants can be mixed up especially when talking about permanent dentures or denture implants.

Why the confusion and multiple names? We’re not sure how and why people began to refer to dental implants by their various names. It helps to understand a little more about dental implants to avoid confusion.

Ancient Dental Implant History


There is archeological evidence that humans have tried to replace missing teeth with root form implants for thousands of years. Remains discovered in ancient China from over 4000 years ago had carved bamboo pegs that were tapped into the bone to replace lost teeth. Ancient Egyptian remains from 2000 years ago also show similarly shaped pegs made of precious metals that were used to replace missing teeth. In fact, some Egyptian mummies were found to have transplanted human teeth!

Current dental implants were first discovered in 1952 by accident. Swedish orthopedic surgeonPer-Ingvar Brånemark, was studying bone regeneration and healing. He attempted to determine if healing of bone fractures could be accelerated by using titanium screws. Upon healing, he noted the titanium screws had actually integrated into the bone! In 1965 Dr. Brånemark placed his first titanium dental implant into a human volunteer. He started working in the mouth because it was more accessible for continued observations and many people were missing teeth. He coined the term for adherence of bone with titanium as “osseointegration”.

Types of Dental Implants Today

Today, there are various types of dental implants. Standard root form implants are the most common types. Longer implants, called Zygoma implants or zygomatic implants are used for patients who have lost a lot of bone in their upper jaw. Dr. Salib is proud to be the only oral surgeon and provider of zygoma / zygomatic implants in all of Orange County. There are short implants also known as Ultrashort Plateau Root Form (PRF) or “finned” dental implants that are used in regions where there is not enough bone and grafting procedures or a sinus lift would be needed. Dr. Salib, at Pacific Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Studio has a CT Scan machine conveniently located within the office to allow you to view your 3-D X-Ray and determine if ultra short dental implants are rights.

Lastly, there are implants that are made of zirconia or zirconium implants. These implants are also known as ceramic implants. Dr. Salib was the first implant dentist to be placing zirconia implants in orange county. He has the most experience and extensive knowledge regarding these implants.

Whether you are missing a single tooth or many, Dr. Salib at Pacific Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Studio will be happy to discuss with you your teeth replacement options with whatever dental implant system you feel most comfortable with. Dr. Salib is an Associate Clinical Professor at USC in the department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and is a renown national and international lecturer for Nobel Biocare, the world’s most respected dental implant company. Dr. Salib is the inventor of the Teeth in MinutesTM Procedures, allowing you to have a dental implant and crown placed within minutes! With his extensive experience and expertise, Dr. Salib is the clear choice for all of your dental implant needs. We are conveniently located in Mission Viejo on the Mission Medical Center campus. Your dental implant needs will be met by our oral surgery office proudly serving patients throughout the United States and Internationally.

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